Window Cleaning Derbyshire

Domestic Window Cleaning

We know that it is important to you that your windows are kept clean all year round. When you hire us as your window cleaner you will not regret it. Our strength is window cleaning! Regardless if you have a 3 storey high house or live in a bungalow we have the tools to do the best job you’ve ever seen. We also offer a first clean a detailed clean to restore the look of the UPVC. We pride ourselves on the quality of clean by using either the traditional method or the more modern method pure water fed pole cleaning system. We use both methods in the areas which are most suited. Our pure water cleaning is fast becoming the most preferred method of cleaning due to its effectiveness.

Pure Water Cleaning

Our Pure water cleaning system is fast becoming the most popular method of window cleaning. Our window cleaners use telescopic poles which are designed to reach up to 80 feet and the brushes are soft which ensures no damage to your window frames. Pure clean water is delivered directly to the window to ensure all areas are cleaned to a high standard. The pure water fed cleaning is also known as Reach and Wash for the reason that it can be used in hard to reach areas such as windows over conservatories, Three storey buildings and conservatory cleaning.

How Pure Water Cleaning Works

When our window cleaner starts up the system tap water goes through a series of our highly engineered water filters to remove all the impurities. Next, the water is forced through a resin to soften the water. Finally, our system adds a high-quality polish to ensure your windows are left with a shine.

Cleaning windows and frames by this method on a regular basis is by far the best cleaning method. When our expert window cleaner uses this method you are guaranteed that the UPVC will be left bright and shiny and the glass with a streak-free shine.