Moss Removal Derbyshire

Moss Removal

Moss will shorten the life span and structural integrity of your roof. Deluxe Window Cleaning can offer a free no obligation quote for moss cleaning, and sort that moss problem out before the need for an expensive roof replacement!

Why is there moss on my roof?

We are moss removal experts and we know that the UK climate is a perfect breeding ground for moss, which can appear on many roofs and grows steadily. We find some concrete style tiles are most prone to moss. Often, it’s not until you start to see clumps of moss that you become aware of the possible damage. Moss growth will just increase unless treated properly. Excess moss will hold rainwater which will increase the overall weight of the roof, and when clumps of moss start to roll off it undoubtedly falls into your guttering which then gives you another problem. During the winter months, the moss will hold the moisture and freeze. This then expands and can cause tiles can crack or even fall loose. So, to prevent large maintenance on your roof and to maintain the overall look of your property, we recommend removing the moss quickly.

How does the moss removal work?

The moss is taken from the roof by manually scraping it off until every nook and cranny is cleared. Afterwards, the whole roof is sprayed with an anti-moss treatment to slow down the growth process. This is generally the preferred method to others that often cause a lot more mess!