Brief info

Hi I’m Ettiene,
A dedicated family man to my partner and three young children. I’ve spent most of my working life on construction sites but during the pandemic when the sites closed, I was fortunate enough to join a friend landscaping and got a real buzz not just from transforming a garden but seeing the customers faces when the job was completed, I got a real sense of job satisfaction.
That, in turn got me looking at franchises and after a long thorough search I came across Deluxe Window Cleaning, after researching and seeing all the company has achieved and the high quality of work, I got in contact with Andy Vincent.
I knew in my gut this was for me and also seeing the passion and pride that Andy has, he is so down to earth and honest I knew this is the right decision not just for myself but for my family
I’m proud to be part of Deluxe Window Cleaning and to be expanding the brand into the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire area.
I maintain a high standard and take pride in my work, I look forward to providing a reliable, professional service.